Consulting Services

Minor faults and flaws in a building design and legal structure can lead to expensive long-term disputes and servicing costs. Early design and legal planning can avoid costly long-term issues.

How Braemar Estates can help

Braemar Estates offer advisory services at all stages of the building life-cycle, from design and planning through to legal structuring, building completion and long-term planned maintenance.

Our advisory service can also offer the most practical solutions to existing design, structural or legal problems.

We also provide assistance with service charge budgets to ensure they are competitive, allowing for high standards in service delivery and compliance with the RICS Code of Practice, the requirements of the individual leases and current legislation.

Services include:

Involvement from the pre-development phase with advice on key issues:

  • the lease
  • service charge budgeting and schedules
  • staffing
  • security
  • phasing of services
  • liaison with the developers
  • handover management
  • assistance with service contracts
  • insurance
  • legal
  • management company formation