Media policy


It is essential that Braemar Estates Limited (BE) has a good relationship with the media, being open and responsive to their information requests. We recognise that we operate in a serious and regulated environment and that there are strict guidelines within which we have to operate; therefore all types of media communication require careful handling.

Purpose and scope

Our policy exists to ensure that information disclosed by BE is timely, accurate, comprehensive, authoritative and relevant. This media policy applies to all directors and employees of BE. This policy covers all external news media including broadcast, electronic and print.


BE’s Marketing Executive, Tony Billington, is the approved media relations contact alongside selected approved individuals who have been media-trained (Lyn Windeler and William Taylor). Please pass all media requests to the Marketing team in the first instance, or if not, one of the names media-trained individuals above. BE also retains a PR Agency responsible for handling the media:

Oracle Group
Aqua House
30-32 High Street
KT19 8AH

Telephone 020 8394 282

Please resist the temptation to add your own comment in any response to a media enquiry without referring the enquiry as above.

Crisis management/risk strategy

No business is immune from a crisis. The property industry is vulnerable to a range of crises that can have reputational implications. It is therefore imperative that issues are handled quickly and effectively with succinct messages delivered to the media to alleviate stakeholder concerns.

In the event of a crisis, please refer the incident to each of

  • the appropriate property manager
  • the Marketing team; and
  • the board of directors.

Guidelines for seeking media coverage

In circumstances in which you believe you have a positive news story to share with the public, please refer this to your line manager who can engage with our marketing team. All press releases must be authorised by at least two BE directors. Please do not call a reporter directly without first consulting Marketing or a director.

Blogs, social networking sites, online forums, online articles etc

See BE’s social media guidelines for further information.

01 December 2017