Property Management FAQs

If you are unfamiliar with the services of a property management company, please get in touch. Our team will be happy to help you however, some of the most commonly asked questions are answered below. More detail is given in the guides, which are available to download below.

Why do I pay a service charge?

Your service charge is your legal apportionment of the share of the costs of maintaining and insuring the communal areas of your building in accordance with the terms of your lease. Typically this may include such costs as the cleaning of communal areas, ground maintenance, lift maintenance, repairs and maintenance within the communal areas and which may also include sections of the building that you do not directly benefit from the use of. Your lease will detail the specific items which are included in your service charge.

How is the service charge calculated?

Braemar Estates prepares a budget for your property each year according to the criteria set out in the individual leases and based on a review of the expenditure for the previous year and any proposed expenditure for the forthcoming years.

A provision might also be made for cyclical repairs of building fabric and items such as internal or external redecoration and also future, unforeseen expenditure. This is known as a reserve or sinking fund. The budget is then usually discussed and mutually agreed with representatives of your Management Company or Residents Association before the start of the budget year.

How do I know what my service charge is spent on?

At the end of each year, statements are prepared by an independent accountant showing income and expenditure for the block. These statements are circulated to all leaseholders by the managing agent.

How do I pay my service charge?

The best way to pay your service charge is by direct debit. You can request a direct debit form from Braemar Estates to send to your bank.

Alternatively, you can pay via our online portal - Braemar Online by credit or debit card.

What happens if I don't pay my service charge?

Under the obligations of your lease you are required to pay your service charge and may face legal proceedings if you fail to comply. If you are experiencing difficulties keeping up your payments please contact your Property Manager on 0161 929 2300.

Alternatively, there are various organisations that may be able to assist. For friendly, independent advice please contact:

National Debtline    Tel: 0808 808 4000  
Step Change Debt Charity    Tel: 0800 138 1111  
Citizens Advice    Search for local contact details   

What should I do if I want to discuss a maintenance issue?

Please email or call us, as naturally we are only able to deal with issues that we are aware of. To report a fault please contact our Repairs Desk on 0161 929 2300 or alternatively report a fault online via the homepage form.

How does Braemar Estates charge for services?

Braemar Estates charges an annual management fee, which is detailed in the budget, approved by representatives of your Management Company or Residents Association.